MAN Interior Pack 1

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MAN Interior Pack 1


BEFORE YOU BUY: PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS AN EXPANSION PACK. IT REQUIRES THE FULL GAME OF BUS SIMULATOR 18! Before you buy: Please note that the purchased product will contain a Steam-key. After the purchase you will receive the key with all needed instructions via e-mail.


Pedestrians, drivers and passengers all around the world agree when it comes to this matter. When you ask them, what makes life more interesting, they will most certainly give you the same answer –diversity! With this authentic bus interior DLC consisting of 4 new original color patterns for your seats and classy floor designs you will be the next urban transport trendsetter.  

Individualize your MAN buses even more and make them your own. Enjoy the freedom of choice and try something new. The next shift is just around the corner! So, what are you waiting for? Hop on and take a seat! 


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    • Developer: stillalive studios