Linie 42 – The Call-In-Show

The charity call-in format by Helden e.V. and NerdStarTV is entering its second season, and we are proud to be part of the show as the main sponsor!  In "Line 42 - The Call-In Format", viewers can actively participate in the conversation of each respective episode by calling or chatting.

The conversations will be accompanied by the two hosts Sven Fritze and Thorsten Kröber from Helden e.V. The two hosts speak informally, with lots of humor and at the same time highly professionally about topics that are both funny and touching – topics all of us are dealing with every day, for example change, moral courage or awkwardness. But they also don’t shy away from other, more serious content such as loneliness or bullying. In this manner, they provide an important platform to look at diverse aspects of our personal daily lives and will give viewers plenty of opportunities to smile or ponder. Sven Fritze is a trained psychologist, as well as founder and chairman of Helden e.V. Thorsten Kröber is a hypnosis system consultant and managing director of Helden e.V. The non-profit association campaigns against racism and (cyber)bullying in society and aims to strengthen moral courage. Since its founding in 2015, the association has become one of the most important contacts for (cyber)bullying in Germany and has reached over 10,000 schoolchildren.

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The second season starts on Friday, October 05, 2021. Every Tuesday, a new episode will be streamed live on the streaming platform Twitch. The episodes will be available also as VOD. The German media company NerdStarTV produces the show. During the livestreams the two hosts will play the recently released Bus Simulator 21.

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RhineCleanUp 2021

At the end of 2019 we moved into our new office in Duesseldorf, Germany. It’s no secret that the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia is situated at the banks of one of Germany’s most important waterways - the Rhine.

There is no doubt that the river shapes the city and is an important attraction for locals and visitors. As a company, we are aware that people are increasingly producing waste, which unfortunately also ends up in our waters and thus in the natural cycle - for example, when it comes to (micro)plastic, which as we all know, poses a real problem. We as astragon are not exempt from this either. This makes it even more crucial for us to protect nature and the city from the overload of waste.

This is why we took the opportunity to become part of the annual "RhineCleanUp" event in Duesseldorf, Germany on September 11, 2021. Together with friends and families, members of the astragon team spent a day cleaning trash and litter from the shoreline of the river. Equipped with tongs and gloves, we collected everything from yogurt pots and glass bottles to electrical appliances - all things that should definitely not end up in the Rhine!

The day was not only a joyful and fun occasion for all participants, but also gave us as a whole company the opportunity to be a part of environmental protection. Several great reasons why we are determined to take part in future Rhine Clean Up events.

You can find out more about the Rhine Clean Up here.

Christmas Donation 2020

Every year at Christmas, we traditionally donate a certain sum of money to different charity organizations, campaigns, or projects. Last year, we decided to support the project "Herzwerk" with such a donation.

"Herzwerk" belongs to the Duesseldorf chapter of the German Red Cross and supports elderly citizens in need. The non-profit project reaches out to people of advanced age in a variety of ways: The helpers fulfill long-awaited wishes, improve the overall living situation, or provide financial support when immediately necessary.

Lean more about the project “Herzwerk” here