Simulation games –
who likes to play stuff like that?

We at astragon encounter this question quite often and not just since the amazing success of the Farming Simulator game series. Our answer is as easy as it is pleasing: more or less everyone! Core gamers and casual players, teenagers and pensioners, singles and whole families, bus drivers, builders and office workers – the sometimes small, sometimes gigantic but always lovingly modelled vehicles and machines of our simulation games manage to enthrall and inspire new fans every year. By now, players around the globe are digging, ploughing and transporting left and right on PC, consoles and a wide range of mobile devices. That is something one might be a little bit proud of. Which we are! In that sense: Simulation games – who doesn’t like to play them?

But that is by far not all! Players looking for challenging platformers, high-octane racers or gripping adventures will also find a wide range of games in our diverse portfolio that will keep them thoroughly entertained on all currently available gaming platforms.


  • 1998 Press start: rondomedia Marketing & Vertriebs GmbH is founded by André Franzmann and starts operations in Moenchengladbach/Germany. This lays the foundation for the future astragon Group
  • 2000 Player Two has entered the lobby Foundation of the subsidiary astragon Software GmbH by Dirk Walner and André Franzmann in Hagen, 2004 move to Moenchengladbach
  • 2008 It’s all a simulation, baby: Farming Simulator 2008 and Euro Truck Simulator are released as the first parts of two very successful simulation game series that manage to delight their fans up to the present day
  • 2009 In the line of fire: rondomedia launches the license title Real Heroes: Firefighter on Nintendo Wii, thereby proving: players love simulation games on consoles as well
  • 2010 Highscore! The German LARA Special Award goes to rondomedia and astragon
  • 2011 Farm power! Farming Simulator 2011 wins a German Developer Award in the category „Best Simulation Game“
  • 2012 A new dawn: Farming Simulator 2013 becomes the first game of the popular series to appear simultaneously on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3!
  • 2012 Let’s set a new course astragon strategically realigns itself and moves on from being a distributor to becoming an international publisher
  • 2013 Build your own world: Construction Simulator 2014 becomes a world hit on mobile devices
  • 2015 We are family: rondomedia and astragon now form the astragon group consisting of astragon Sales & Services and astragon Entertainment
  • 2016 Be my bus: With Bus Simulator 16 another popular games series makes its return to PC
  • 2016 Mod me tender: Farming Simulator 17 becomes the first game worldwide to offer the option of adding user-created mods on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • 2017 New Captains on the bridge! Julia Pfiffer and Tim Schmitz take over the management of astragon Entertainment. They are pushing forward the development of own IPs and the expansion of international publishing.
  • 2018 Gone fishing: Fishing: Barents Sea casts off as a new, successful simulation game series
  • 2018 Right on schedule: Bus Simulator 18 wows fans with a new game engine and exciting bus brands
  • 2018 And the Gamescom Award 2018 goes to: Farming Simulator 19 wins the title of “Best Simulation” in show
  • 2019 Boston Tea Party: astragon presents its first booth at PAX East
  • 2019 To boldly go, where no astragonian has gone before: The astragon HQ moves to Duesseldorf
  • 2021 Party time! We celebrate “20 Years of astragon Entertainment”
  • 2021 Even closer: together astragon Sales & Services finally merges with astragon Entertainment
  • 2022 On to new horizons: astragon becomes part of Team17 Group plc