The Keys-to-the-City Update for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is now available!


The latest update introduces: 

  • „Open Patrol“-Feature for unlimited patrols in the whole city
  • New violations „wallet theft“ and „drinking in public“
  • More interactions between police officers and pedestrians
  • Explanation system for conduct point loss

The Keys-to-the-City Update comes with an Open Patrol feature, which will offer you significantly more freedom in your patrols throughout the city and also adds new violations such as wallet theft and drinking in public to the game, which will make your police work even more varied. The newly introduced explanation system for loss of conduct points will also give you a better understanding  on how to improve your policing in the future. In addition, there is more variance in the appearance and names of the non-player characters as well as new interaction options. The Keys-to-the-City Update is now available on Steam™ with no additional cost for owners of the game. 

Watch the Trailer below to learn more:

More freedom of movement on the streets of Brighton - and even more variety

The fourth content update for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers offers an Open Patrol feature, which lets you move freely in the city and look out for violations in all three districts of Brighton for the duration of your entire shift. In addition, the city's residents have been given significantly more variety in terms of appearance and identity: Three new face types each for men and women, as well as a total of six new hairstyle types ensure visual diversity. To make Brighton's residents even more unique, the number of names was also increased: while the variety of surnames increases from 60 to 769, the amount of first names goes from 77 to 733 for female and from 75 to 754 for male first names. You will also encounter more options for interactions between you and non-player characters. You can now greet them or give directions when they are lost in Brighton. 

New violations and more information on the loss of conduct points

As thieves have recently started to make the city unsafe by nicking quite a few wallets, you will have your hands full catching the culprits red-handed or follow the descriptions of witnesses to find them in the crowd and arrest them. Since more and more complaints about drinking in public have reached the police station as well, you should also keep an eye out for these people and caution them accordingly. Have you ever wondered, why conduct points were withdrawn in certain situations? You are now able to take a closer look at that with the new Encounter Reports that are part of the police computer and can be accessed at any time during your shift. Of course, the Keys-to-the-City Update also offers you further gameplay improvements and bug fixes.