Police Simulator: Patrol Officers - „The Keys to the City“ update begins beta phase on December 14, 2021

  •  „Open Patrol“-Feature for unlimited patrols in the whole city
  •  New violations „wallet theft“ and „drinking in public“
  •  More interactions between police officers and pedestrians
  •  Explanation system for conduct point loss

Duesseldorf, November 30, 2021 – Before Christmas, fans of Police Simulator: Patrol Officers can look forward to the start of the beta phase of another content update: The The Keys to the City update will offer them significantly more freedom in their patrols through the city thanks to the Open Patrol feature, while new violations such as wallet theft and drinking in public will make everyday police work even more varied. A newly introduced explanation system for lost conduct points also gives players clearer information about wrongly made decisions. In addition, there is more variance in the appearance and names of the non-player characters as well as new interaction options. As with the previously released updates, virtual police officers are able to extensively test the The Keys to the City update during its beta phase on Steam™. This begins on December 14, 2021.

More freedom of movement on the streets of Brighton - and even more liveliness

The now fourth content update for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers responds to a long-cherished request from fans: With the Open Patrol feature, they can move freely in the city for the duration of their entire shift and look out for violations in all three districts. In addition, the Aesir Interactive development team has given the city's residents significantly more variety in terms of appearance and identity: Three new face types each for men and women, as well as a total of six new hairstyle types ensure visual diversity, while the variety of names increases from 60 to 769 for surnames and from 77 to 733 for female first names and from 75 to 754 for male first names. The options for interactions between players and non-player characters have also been expanded: Passers-by not only respond to a friendly hello, but also ask the helpful officers for directions or how they can find specific places in the city.

New violations of the law and more information on the loss of conduct points

Crime also does not rest for a second in the new update of Police Simulator: Patrol Officers: Thieves have recently started to make the city unsafe by nicking quite a few wallets. The officers will have their hands full catching them in the act or following the descriptions of witnesses to find them in the crowd and arrest them. Since more and more complaints about drinking in public have reached the police station as well, the police officers should also keep an eye out for these people and warn them accordingly - or, in severe cases, issue a fine. At the end of his or her shift, anyone wondering why conduct points were withdrawn in certain situations can now see this in detail using the newly introduced explanation system and avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Of course, the The Keys to the City update also offers further gameplay improvements and bug fixes to round off the gaming experience.

All those who would like to play the The Keys to the City update in its beta phase will have the opportunity to do so from December 14, 2021 on a beta branch set up especially for this purpose on Steam™. As with previous updates, the Police Simulator: Patrol Officers team is looking forward to a lot of constructive feedback on the official communication channels such as Steam™, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord or the Roadmap.   

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers by developer Aesir Interactive and publisher astragon Entertainment is available in early access for PC via Steam™ and the official astragon homepage for 19.99 Euro/USD 24.99/17.99 GBP (RSP). The game is supported by a game-grant of the German funding body FilmFernsehFonds Bayern. All contents of the update phases until the official end of early access are already included in the price. A detailed overview of upcoming content can be found in the official Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Roadmap.