stronger together – astragon Entertainment celebrates this year´s Pride Month and supports a youth organization


Dusseldorf/Germany, June 30, 2023 – astragon Entertainment, known as publisher and developer of popular simulation games, celebrated this year´s Pride Month together with the entire team and the community. The publisher supported a youth organization in Düsseldorf, Germany, and realized various measures within the company to provide information on the topics of diversity, equal rights and inclusion.

The month of June is dedicated to the motto: stronger together. This slogan is not only implemented into the cooperative gameplay of various simulations games, it also takes center stage in everyday professional life: Various presentations were scheduled this month to raise employee awareness on different diversity topics, such as the presentation "Neopronounces and how they are used." In addition, various information materials were provided on the topics of diversity, equality and inclusion.

astragon implemented a special matter of the heart by supporting the youth center PULS* in Düsseldorf, Germany, where the publisher is based since 2019. This important youth center offers a safe space for queer youth and an environment of togetherness. They also offer a diverse educational program, as well as consultation sessions and events for teenagers. astragon Entertainment is donating a gaming console, additional gaming hardware, and a selection of games to the organization to enable new opportunities for shared gaming experiences at the youth center in Düsseldorf. Whether playing alone or together in cooperative multiplayer, as a video game publisher, we strongly believe that video games can connect and promote diversity, staying true to the motto: stronger together.

“We´re happy to support a local facility. Together with the team we want to create a safe space in which people can come together, connect with each other and meet new people with whom they can freely exchange ideas - regardless of orientation, gender or background. Our gratitude and appreciation go to the entire team at the youth center, who are doing incredibly important work for society.", says Julia Pfiffer, Co-CEO of astragon Entertainment.