Police Simulator: Patrol Officers - Pick Up The Chase: Highway Patrol Expansion and Gold Edition now available!


Get ready to hit the highways with the latest release from astragon Entertainment and Aesir Interactive. Today marks the launch of the Highway Patrol Expansion for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers, now available on PC, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. This expansion introduces new challenges and responsibilities on the highways of the fictional state of Franklin. Plus, the Gold Edition, which includes the base game, Highway Patrol Expansion, and Garage Bundle, is now available on all platforms at a special price.

The Release Trailer takes you to the exciting events on the highway!


Dive Into Highway Patrol

Step into the shoes of a virtual police officer and tackle new tasks with the Highway Patrol Expansion. The opening of highways brings a surge in car thefts and high-speed chases. You'll need to use new equipment like nail strips and roadblocks to prevent criminals from escaping. These tools are particularly useful in multiplayer mode.

In addition to dealing with criminal activities, you’ll be responsible for freight inspections, assisting with car breakdowns, and performing high-speed checks. The high speeds on highways also mean a higher risk of serious accidents, requiring you to use fire extinguishers to tackle fires and clear debris to keep traffic flowing safely.

Two new vehicles are also available: the vintage-styled Interstate Police Vehicle and the heavy-duty Endurance Police Vehicle, which comes equipped with a snare net for stopping moving vehicles.

Gold Edition: The Complete Experience

If you’re new to Police Simulator: Patrol Officers, the Gold Edition offers a comprehensive package. It includes the main game, the complete Garage Bundle with six vehicle DLCs, and the brand-new Highway Patrol Expansion. Start your virtual police career with everything you need to patrol the streets and highways of Franklin.

Free Update for All Players

All players will benefit from a free update rolling out today. This update introduces some of the exciting features from the Highway Patrol Expansion to all players, including including car thefts, thrilling chases, debris collection after major accidents. Enhancements to the traffic system and vehicle physics are also included, providing a more immersive experience

Availability and Pricing

The Highway Patrol Expansion is now available for PC, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series S|X and Xbox One at a price of 19.99€ / $19.99 USD or the regional equivalent. The main game is required to play. The Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Gold Edition includes the main game, the Garage Bundle, as well as the Highway Patrol Expansion, and is also now available for 39.99€ / $39.99 USD or the regional equivalent digitally for PC, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series S|X and Xbox One. The Gold Edition is also now available in retail within selected countries for PlayStation®5, Xbox Series S|X and Xbox One and includes the Special Interstate Police Vehicle Skin for all buyers. Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is available for PC, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series S|X and Xbox One. More details about upcoming features can be found on the Trello board.