Drone Swarm

Drone Swarm logo and Argo

Duesseldorf/Germany, July 30, 2020 Drone Swarm, the upcoming sci-fi strategy adventure game for PC will offer space fans not only control over a swarm of 32,000 drones, but also an exciting story that will catapult them directly into a gripping fight for mankind’s survival in the vast expanses of an unknown galaxy. Your main mission is to find a New Earth for the remaining human survivors after a catastrophic attack by the swarm you now control has devastated Earth. Now that everything you once knew has been reduced to ashes, you have become humanity’s last hope.

Gain some first impressions of the unique story of Drone Swarm in today’s story trailer.

The end of Earth

21st January 2111 – Out of nowhere a gigantic sphere arrived in our orbit and a swarm of alien drones attacked Earth. This was the day life as we knew it came to an end. Families were ripped apart and cities destroyed, but people fought to survive until the very end. Mankind however did not stand a chance. Carter, an ex-soldier, and his brother Ayden tried to save as many helpless inhabitants of their city as possible – but when the military unleashed all available nukes in a last desperate attempt of defense, the fires of apocalypse consumed the planet.

The last of hope of mankind

When Earth laid in ruins and only a few survivors were left to hopelessly fight the swarm, Ayden subconsciously found out that he is the key to end this destruction – but it came with a heavy price: he had to sacrifice his own life. Ayden was able to transfer his soul into a drone and with this gained the ability to control it. Other 32.000 human psionics like Ayden resolved to sacrifice themselves as well to save the remains of humanity. This was how the psionics became mankind’s last hope. Another powerful psionic, Eva, discovered her special connection to the Sphere itself. Through it she was able to understand its nature and found a way to build the Argo – an interstellar ship built around the Sphere designed for the search of New Earth.

The story in Drone Swarm

With the swarm now under human control you lead this mission as Captain Carter – the swarm is yours to command. But you are not alone, your fellow crew members will help you to accomplish your mission. But be careful, there are risks waiting. You will encounter unknown alien races. The Voohr and the Dashan are the two dominant factions in this region of the galaxy, only it is not predictable whether they are willing to talk or whether it will come to inevitable conflicts.

The team behind the Drone Swarm story

The universe and story of Drone Swarm is the result of a collaboration between 451 Media and stillalive studios. 451 Media, co-founded by star director Michael Bay, will publish Drone Swarm comics that tell the prequel story. Meanwhile, Austrian developer stillalive studios is working with publisher astragon Entertainment on an action-packed strategy adventure game in which you will control 32,000 drones against a wide variety of enemies.

Drone Swarm will be released in fall 2020 on Steam™. It will have voiceovers in English and German. In addition to the two dubbed languages, there will be subtitles in 13 languages. A detailed listing can already be found on the Steam store page.

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