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Düsseldorf/Germany, July 29, 2020 – astragon Entertainment and stillalive studios are back with a new DLC for their popular simulation game Bus Simulator 18 on PC and Bus Simulator on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. Starting today, bus fans will be able to expand their vehicle fleet with three new buses made in Germany: the Mercedes-Benz CapaCity, the CapaCity L and the Citaro O 530. The Mercedes-Benz Bus Pack 1 DLC is now available on Steam™ as well as on the PlayStation®Store and the Microsoft Store for 5.99 EUR / 5.99 USD / 4.99 GBP!

Thanks to a close partnership with Mercedes-Benz, simulation and bus fans can now look forward to three new, officially licensed buses by the popular German manufacturer, which have been faithfully recreated to realistically portray their famous originals in the virtual world of Bus Simulator 18.

True to the motto „Big, strong, nimble and tenacious” the CapaCity and the CapaCity L articulated buses with their relatively short turning cycle hold all the prerequisites to master the many challenges that might arise in daily urban traffic. The 5-doored Mercedes-Benz CapaCity includes 44 seats and has a length of 19.73 meters. Drivers who prefer an even longer vehicle should take a closer look at the 5-doored CapaCity L: With 45 seats and an impressive length of 21 meters no other European articulated bus for urban environments is more spacious.

In addition to the two new articulated buses, the Mercedes-Benz Bus Pack 1 DLC also includes another favorite of the faithful fanbase: the 3-doored, 12.1 meters long Citaro O 530 with 33 seats in total - a maneuverable and flexible city bus ideal for sharp turns and narrow alleys.

The Mercedes-Benz Bus Pack 1 DLC for Bus Simulator 18 on PC and Bus Simulator on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One is now available for for 5.99 EUR / 5.99 USD / 4.99 GBP (RSP) on Steam™ as well as the PlayStation®Store and the Microsoft Store. The main game Bus Simulator 18 for PC can be purchased for 29.99 EUR / 34.99 USD / 26.99 GBP (RSP). Bus Simulator for PS4™ and Xbox One is available for 39.99 Euro / 39.99 USD / 34.99 GBP (RSP).

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