Brighton PD: Criminal tendencies on the rise within Brighton - Brighton PD again calls for officer recruitment as of November 10


Brighton/USA, October 27, 2022 – The Brighton Police Department would like to officially thank all of the new officers who have joined the Brighton PD over the past year and a half on behalf of the citizens of the city and also announces a new recruitment period for November 10.


Crime rate rose rapidly last year

Since the beginning of 2021, the crime rate in Brighton has increased so much that the Police Department hired numerous new officers as early as June 2021. Fortunately, officers from all over the world have joined the Brighton Police Department both on their own and in teams of two. Thanks to their energetic support, the new crime wave was successfully contained. All officers will receive an Urban Terrain Vehicle as a thank you, which will be available for their vehicle shifts from November 10.


Criminal powers in Brighton remain creative

However, the findings of the Brighton PD Analyst Team show that despite the increase in forces, the number of offence variants has increased dramatically over the same period. While the summer of 2021 was characterised by a manageable amount of offences such as parking violations, causing accidents through misconduct such as alcohol or drug use, or disobeying traffic laws, since then there has been an increase in new criminal activity, including driving with stolen vehicles, dealing in illegal narcotics, drinking in public, pickpocketing, graffiti vandalism and more.


Brighton PD calls for recruitment again due to latest development

This trend is expected to continue and new crimes will be committed in the metropolis. The Brighton Police Department is therefore once again looking for numerous new police officers who will start their service on November 10. Those interested in securing one of the coveted positions by November 10 will also receive an Urban Terrain Vehicle upon commencement of duty. You can find out how to apply for the job here:


Special training announced until mid-2023

After the start of duty on November 10, the officers will also have the opportunity to continue their education and further professionalise themselves in a free special training programme that will run until mid-2023. In the training sessions, they will learn, among other things, how to stop fleeing suspects by using tackling instead of using an electric gun or aiming a firearm. They will also practise the use of communicative commands, which will enable them to interact better with their shift partner. The detailed training plan as well as the training contents are available to the officers here:


Special training until mid-2023


What awaits new officers in their service

As part of the Brighton PD, officers are tasked with patrolling the coastal city of Brighton and keeping law and order. At the beginning of their career, they are assigned to tasks such as issuing parking tickets and stopping speeders, and then gradually move on to more serious offences: They record accidents, solve thefts and robberies, track down people wanted on arrest warrants, thwart drug trafficking and much more. In doing so, they must also strictly abide by the rules themselves, because if they treat citizens unfairly or break the law, their shift ends. In case of a repeat offence, they are threatened with dismissal. If they do their work satisfactorily, they are allowed to work in more and more districts of the city and are given a wider choice of official vehicles.



The preceding text is for the purpose of promoting the video game Police Simulator: Patrol Officers. The Brighton Police Department, the city of Brighton and all content, locations and people mentioned are purely fictional. Police Simulator: Patrol Officers, developed by Aesir Interactive and published by astragon Entertainment, will be released on November 10, 2022, for PC, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.


More information about Brighton PD:








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