Year 2 Season Pass

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Year 2 Season Pass


It's about time for the second year: Expand your gaming experience once more with additional content in the Construction Simulator with the Year 2 Season Pass! Enjoy brand new machines from three well-known manufacturers, another civilian four-seated car, and a new and exciting contract campaign for hours of fun – all in one package.


The Year 2 Season Pass includes:
• Exclusive Year 2 Season Pass Pickup Truck (Out now)
• Liebherr Pack with new machines (approx. Q2 2024)
• New campaign playable on European map (approx. Q2 2024)
• New brand with 6 machines (approx. Q4 2024)
• Cosmetic Pack #3 (approx. Q1 2025)
• New machine pack (approx. Q1 2025)


  • Product Information
    • Developer: weltenbauer.

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