Police Simulator: Patrol Officers: New update „The Operation Anti-Drug” reaches beta state in October 2021


Duesseldorf/Germany, September 28, 2021 – Representatives of law and order can soon look forward to new tasks in the fictional US metropolis of Brighton: The third major content update for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers will reach its beta phase on October 12, 2021 and will introduce new legal violations such as drug trafficking and graffiti spraying, as well as the third city district Brickston, and a new police vehicle. There will also be further gameplay improvements such as alleys between blocks for shorter walking distances, and correct handcuffing behind the suspect's body. Players will have the opportunity to extensively test the new update on Steam™ during this beta phase. The official release of the update is planned for November 2nd, 2021.

A new district to patrol – also behind the wheel of a new police car

The third content update of Police Simulator: Patrol Officers invites players to explore a new city district: Brickston consists of the five neighborhoods Sharnwick, Nelson Hill, Brianna, Wilcox, and Bannock, which can be unlocked bit by bit by earning Shift Points and Duty Stars. The new district, characterized by striking brick buildings and narrow one-way streets, also houses the Brighton Hospital. Virtual officers can either patrol the streets of this historic district, which visually differs from the lively Melting Pot and the glamorous downtown, by foot or in a new, sleek police vehicle.


New violations offer more variety

In The Operation Anti-Drug update, players can of course not only look forward to a new environment, but also to new areas of responsibility that will bring further variety to everyday police life. As the title of the update suggests, they should keep an eye out for potential drug dealers on the streets of Brighton who are looking to sell their illegal goods to potential buyers in a seemingly unobserved moment. In addition, graffiti sprayers and illegally parked cars in bus stops have recently been causing displeasure in the neighborhoods.

Gameplay improvements for more realism and player comfort

Next to the expanded content of the update, the team of Aesir Interactive is also pleased to implement some wishes and suggestions from the player community. Newly added alleys in all three districts ensure shorter walking distances between blocks, and improved character animations will result in more realistic movements of officers and NPCs. In addition, suspects are now - just like in reality - handcuffed behind their body, which serves the security of the officers. Further bug fixes also improve the gameplay experience.

Players who would like to play The Operation Anti-Drug update before its planned release on November 2nd, 2021, will have the opportunity to do so from October 12th on a beta branch set up especially for this purpose on Steam™. As with previous updates, the Police Simulator: Patrol Officers team is looking forward to lots of constructive feedback on the official communication channels such as Steam™, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord or the Roadmap.   

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is available for PC via Steam™ and the official astragon homepage for 19.99 Euro/USD 24.99/17.99 GBP (RSP). The game is supported by a game-grant of the German funding body FilmFernsehFonds Bayern. All contents of the update phases until the official end of Early Access are already included in the price. A detailed overview of upcoming content can be found in the official Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Roadmap.