Police Simulator: Patrol Officers

police officers standing in front of police car in a city. Houses can be seen in the background

Duesseldorf/Germany, February 10, 2021 – Great news for police fans: In Spring 2021 you can take up your badge as a male or female US police officer and go on patrol in the streets of a fictious North American metropolis on PC in Police Simulator: Patrol Officers. Handcuffs and radar gun on hand, you will tackle many interesting shifts in the first district and five neighborhoods of a bustling American city - with more to come in future updates. Supported by a game development grant of the German FilmFernsehFonds Bayern funding body, the game is currently in development at the Munich-based studio Aesir Interactive and will be published as an early access game by astragon Entertainment on Steam™. Police Simulator: Patrol Officers will become available for 19.99 Euro/USD 24.99/17.99 GBP (RSP).

Players can get a first impression of the game with today's announcement trailer.

•    Platform: PC
•    Engine: Unreal® Engine 4
•    Release: Early access starting in Spring 2021
•    Several update phases after the initial launch
•    Game modes: Single player from launch, a cooperative multiplayer to be added later
•    Price: 19.99 Euro/USD 24.99/17.99 GBP (RSP) – all future content of the update phases is already included in this price and will be added at no further cost

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is an early access game. After its initial launch in Spring 2021 it is set to be expanded by providing regular updates within the next months and years. The aim of this is to involve players and police fans as early as possible in the development of Police Simulator: Patrol Officers, and together with them create a game experience that will fulfill as many of their ideas and wishes for such a simulation game as possible.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers will paint a realistic picture of a patrol officer’s job in the fictional US metropolis Brighton. This is the perfect opportunity for police fans to take up their virtual badge and ensure order and safety in different, diverse neighborhoods. At release you will be able to patrol the first, freely accessible neighborhood of the first city district. Convince your superiors with your commitment to the job to unlock four more neighborhoods in this first district, where complex city simulation including pedestrian and vehicular traffic will provide a vibrant city atmosphere.The following updates will then expand your operational radius by two more districts and ten more neighborhoods in total.

Start your career by first choosing one of eight playable characters. Instead of a lengthy tutorial, a system of unlockable content will guide you towards learning all the necessary skills of a police officer. Handy tool tips will provide additional detailed information.

By collecting shift-points during your workday, which in turn sum up into duty stars, you will unlock new districts and neighborhoods as well as several police cars during the game. During such a shift, your tasks will include enforcing parking regulations, recording traffic accidents, and penalizing different traffic offenses such as speeding or pedestrians ignoring the red light at crossings. In addition to that, you should always keep an eye out for persons wanted for arrest, or who act otherwise suspiciously.    

Appropriate and lawful behavior of the officers towards the citizens of Brighton is a very important matter in Police Simulator: Patrol Officers. A Conduct Point System will log and penalize any abuse of power by law enforcement: Virtual police officers who are found to have acted against both, the law and the department’s code of conduct, one too many times, will be stripped of their badge and fired.  

Next to a simulation game mode, which aims to offer players a gameplay experience that depicts the job of a patrol officer as authentically as possible, there is also a casual game mode, which provides some more relaxed gameplay. Here, you will receive additional tips and hints towards crimes occurring in your immediate vicinity but also a little bit more leniency when it comes to acting against the rules such as speeding in your police car or skipping a red light while on foot. Serious offences such as abuse of authority or police brutality however will still be sanctioned severely! There is also the option to disable the collisions of police vehicles with NPCs.  

Which tasks will await you in Police Simulator: Patrol Officers? A short overview about what to expect during the initial early access release:

•    Parking surveillance – Situative issuing of parking tickets and/or towing of vehicles for: parking against the direction of travel, exceeding the permitted parking time, non-observance of parking restrictions. Fines are also issued for parked cars with expired license plates.  

•    Traffic violations by pedestrians – If a pedestrian is endangering themselves and others for example by ignoring the red traffic light at a crossing, the officers should intervene. Careless littering is also not well received on the streets and sidewalks of Brighton.

•    Traffic accidents – Different types of accidents, which can also develop dynamically from traffic events, will ask for different actions by the officers. This includes calling for an ambulance, interviewing witnesses, drug and alcohol tests, and more. Players should therefore always keep a watchful eye on the moving traffic.

•    Speed control – Measure the speed of moving vehicles either while standing on the roadside with your radar gun or by utilizing the speed measuring instrument integrated in your police car to issue tickets when appropriate.

•    Search and arrest of wanted persons as well as general screening – Now and then the police department’s call center will issue information about wanted suspects. Should you encounter persons matching these descriptions during your patrol, you should take the time to get to the bottom of this situation. A key element of these types of investigation is also the questioning of witnesses, as they might offer valuable hints towards the arrest of a suspect.  

•    Traffic control – Going on patrol in your police car will offer you a new perspective on the traffic and streets of the city. Use your siren to make other road users give way or to prompt them to stop by the curb for a traffic stop.

The Crime Map will help you to keep an overview of the different districts and neighborhoods of Brighton: Is there an increase in offences in certain areas? Where is it worthwhile to show once more some stronger presence after a certain time has passed?

Following the initial early access release, you can look forward to receiving new, interesting tasks and features such as a cooperative multiplayer mode, which will be part of the upcoming update phases.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers for PC will be available in early access on Steam™ and via the official astragon Homepage in Spring 2021 at a price of 19.99 Euro/USD 24.99/17.99 GBP (RSP).

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