Police Simulator: Patrol Officers


Two new clips show policing in detail

Duesseldorf/Germany, April 15, 2021 – This Spring police fans will be able to don the badge of a male or female United States police officer and patrol the bustling streets of a fictional American city called Brighton in Police Simulator: Patrol Officers. At the beginning of the game’s early access phase on Steam™ players can start their first shifts in the introductory city district named “Melting Pot”, which includes five lively neighborhoods, that can be unlocked by collecting shift points and duty stars: Northpoint, Downtown, Alcombey, Chester and Beaufort Landing.

•    Platform: PC
•    Engine: Unreal® Engine 4
•    Release: Early access starts in Spring 2021 on Steam
•    Several update phases after initial launch
•    Game modes: Single player from launch; cooperative multiplayer to be added later  
•    Price: 19.99 Euro/USD 24.99/17.99 GBP (RSP) – all future content included at no additional cost

Surrounded by a diverse cityscape, where pedestrians and vehicular traffic simulate the impression of a living complex metropolis, players will be able to tackle their first tasks as new members of the Brighton Police department in this starting district. While creating these tasks, developer Aesir Interactive and publisher astragon Entertainment put emphasis on adding a great depth of detail so that players can experience the work-routine of a US patrol officer as realistically as possible.

Today, two short clips about parking violations and speeding will show just how detailed these tasks will be in Police Simulator: Patrol Officers.

When it comes to recognizing parking violations players need to keep their eyes open while patrolling the streets of Brighton. It is up to their own discretion if a parked car should receive a ticket or even be towed. Hints can be taken from street signs, license plates, parking meters, the car’s parking position and the general surroundings. The detailed user interface gives players the opportunity to accurately describe the infraction – and issue the respective ticket. The violation “wrong alignment” for example includes parking too far into the street, on the sidewalk where not permitted, or in the wrong direction. Other parking violations consist of invalid license plates, expired parking meters, no parking zones or parking zones reserved for special purposes such as taxi or disabled parking without a valid permit, parking too close to a crosswalk or blocking a fire hydrant. The latter as well as cars parked outside of any valid parking zone may make it necessary to call for a tow truck. This measure, however, like any other inPolice Simulator: Patrol Officers, should be used proportionally to the violation and within the scope of the law.

As in any other city, speeding is also a problem on the roads of Brighton. Here too, players can look up the speed limits applying to any given street by paying attention to street signs during their patrol. Should the police officers suspect a car of going over the speed limit, or if they are generally tasked to monitor a certain road to catch speeding drivers, they will be able to utilize their radar gun. Once the first patrol car has been unlocked, players can also check the speed of a preceding vehicle by pacing it with their own car. Once a violation has been confirmed, it is time to pull the offending driver over to check their driving license and issue a ticket. Just like in real-life, there are also certain roads in Police Simulator: Patrol Officers where drivers especially like to step on the gas. It pays off for patrol officers to remember these spots on the map and pay them a visit more often than others.  

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is being developed by Aesir Interactive in Munich and supported by a game development grant from the German FilmFernsehFonds Bayern funding body. The game will be published globally by astragon Entertainment.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers on PC will be available in early access via Steam™ and the official astragon homepage in Spring 2021 for 19.99 Euro/USD 24.99/17.99 GBP (RSP).