Schoolbus Extension


Schoolbus Extension

Requires Full Game

This Extension requires the full game Bus Simulator 21


Attention all Angel Shores and Seaside Valley bus drivers! It's time to get back into the driver's seat and take on a new challenge as the new school year approaches. Transport your town's kids to their schools safely and in time for their lessons! This extension for Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop features new school buildings, additional missions and children as NPCs, as well as three iconic US school buses from the renowned manufacturer Blue Bird.


All American FE
40-foot front engine school bus consisting of 2 axles, 2 doors, and a total capacity of up to 89 passengers.

All American RE
Rear engine school bus featuring a capacity of 89 passengers, 2 axles, 2 doors, and a total length of 40 feet.

A total of 83 passengers fit inside this 40-foot gasoline school bus, with 2 axles and 2 doors.


• New missions: Pick up children at various stops, bring them to school and vice versa (~6 h distributed over both maps)
• New special routes, with their own timetables, dedicated to school buses 
• Additional bus stops 
• 4 new school buildings for Angel Shores
• 4 school buildings for Seaside Valley
• New NPCs: children as passengers 


  • 動作環境
    • Requires Bus Simulator 21 full game 
  • 製品情報
    • 開発会社: stillalive studios

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