Railroads Online update including new map and industry chain released today


We and the development team of Stefan Kelnberger are pleased to announce the release of a new update today. With the Winter Update, Railroads Online will be expanded with an additional map, a new production chain, and a new locomotive.

The latest trailer for the update puts the spotlight on the new features:

A new winter map

The Winter Update introduces another sandbox map. Aurora Falls impresses with a stunning winterly landscape. Snow-covered mountains in the panorama, large, clear blue mountain lakes, and dense coniferous forests characterize the new environment in which you can build your own rail network. An additional highlight: The impressive aurora lights can be spotted up in the sky.

New industry chain & locomotives

With gold as a new raw material, another industrial chain has been added to the game. Gold ore can be extracted from the gold mine or the dredge and transported to the stamp mill, where the gold is then refined. The gold smelter produces gold ingots, which you sell for a high value at the new Railway Express Agency. Three new wagons have been implemented, including a dedicated rolling stock required for the industrial chain to transport the gold. In addition, a new locomotive, the D&RG Class125, has been added to the game.

The update also contains additional content and extensive improvements.

Railroads Online is already available in Steam Early Access and costs 29.99€ or 34.99$. Until the release of the full version, fans of Railroads Online can expect additional updates including more content and general game improvements. A detailed roadmap with all the information can be found here.

About Railroads Online

In Railroads Online, players create the railroad network of their dreams alone or in a multiplayer with up to 16 players. In a large open game world, rails, switches, and stations must be built to transport different goods in authentic locomotives. The maps are based on America, in a time known as the golden age of narrow-gauge railroading. Through profitable management of the players, more vehicles or wagons can be unlocked.  Railroads Online uses the advanced physics systems of the Unreal Engine to create the most authentic railroad simulation possible, rendering collisions and forces dynamically in real time for maximum immersion.


  • Open sandbox game world to explore
  • Online multiplayer mode with up to 16 players
  • Build your own railroad infrastructure, including tracks, switches, stations and more
  • Authentic, detailed locomotives and equipment
  • Realistic railroad physics system and operation of locomotive controls, valves, brakes and equipment
  • Earn money by transporting goods to develop your own business and buy more locomotives, cars and equipment
  • Customizable locomotives

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