Police Simulator: Patrol Officers - Three new additions for virtual officers: The First Aid Update (update 13), new vehicle DLC and Garage Bundle are available now!


Three exciting new features are being released today for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers! The popular police simulationis receiving its thirteenth free content update with the First Aid Update, which allows you to provide First Aid directly on site, along with many other improvements. In addition, the Warden Police Vehicle DLC is available from today, which supports you with underbody lighting and LED displays in your everyday police work. If you want to expand your vehicle fleet with more than just one vehicle, you can now purchase all previously released vehicle DLCs, including the brand new Warden Police Vehicle DLC, with the new Garage Bundle.

The First Aid Update

Thanks to The First Aid Update, injured civilians can now have two different degrees of injury: slight and critical injuries. From now on you need to provide First Aid to injured people directly at the scene until the emergency services arrive. This includes performing CPR on unconscious or immobilized persons by pressing the indicated button at the right moment, as well as applying bandages to injured persons to treat their wounds. In the event of critical injuries, the emergency services will use a stretcher to transport the patient to the ambulance. In addition to First Aid, update 13 brings the option to the game to change the skins of your downloaded mods within the garage.

The Warden Police Vehicle DLC

The Warden Police Vehicle is equipped with an LED display on the roof of the vehicle. This display shows predefined texts for various situations:

  • "DO NOT PASS" to prohibit other drivers from overtaking
  • "PULL OVER" to ask drivers ahead to pull over
  • "ACCIDENT" to warn pedestrians of an accident scene and prevent them from crossing.

In addition, special underbody lighting ensures that the vehicle is clearly visible even in the dark, which is particularly helpful when securing accidents during the night shift.

Watch the possible use cases of the Warden Police Vehicle here: https://youtu.be/n0zHxglth08

The Garage Bundle

The new Garage Bundle offers all previously released vehicle DLCs for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers in one convenient package, including the brand new Warden Police Vehicle DLC:

  • Warden Police Vehicle DLC
  • Multipurpose Police Vehicle DLC
  • Urban Terrain Vehicle DLC
  • Compact Police Vehicle DLC
  • Guardian Police Vehicle DLC
  • Surveillance Police Vehicle DLC

Watch the Garage Bundle trailer to see all the vehicles in action once again: youtu.be/VphycwNZUrg

The First Aid Update (update 13) is available now for free. The Warden Police Vehicle DLC can be purchased for 2.99€ / $2.99 USD or the regional equivalent on all platforms. The Garage Bundle, which contains all the vehicle DLCs released to date, is available at a special price of 11.99€ / $11.99 USD or the regional equivalent on PC, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. The main game is available for PC, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. More details about upcoming features can be found on the Trello board.

More information:

Homepage: www.patrol-officers.com

Roadmap: http://roadmap.patrol-officers.com  

Discord: https://discord.gg/astragon

X: https://twitter.com/PolSimulator   

Instagram: https://instagram.com/PoliceSimulator  

Facebook: https://facebook.com/PoliceSimulator 


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