Liebherr Pack


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Liebherr Pack

DLC Pack

This is a DLC Pack for Construction Simulator. It requires the full game Construction Simulator!


知名製造商 Liebherr 的可靠機具是你完成建設合約的強力後盾!立刻購買 Liebherr Pack,為機具陣容增加六款全新的生力軍,輕鬆克服工地的任何挑戰!


Liebherr Pack 內含以下機具:

  • LR 636 Litronic(履帶式裝載機)
  • PR 756 Litronic(推土機)
  • TA 230 Litronic(鉸接式卡車)
  • T 60-9s(伸縮臂叉裝機)
  • HTM 1204 ZA(混凝土攪拌機)
  • R 938(挖土機) 


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    • 開發者: weltenbauer.

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