Console players are now United Against Fire in Firefighting Simulator – The Squad


Firefighting Simulator – The Squad is now available for consoles. Alone or in multiplayer with up to 4 players, the fight against fire now begins on PlayStation®4, Playstation®5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.


The Console Release Trailer shows the fight against the fire

In Firefighting Simulator - The Squad, you take on the battle against the flames alone or in multiplayer with up to 3 other virtual firefighters. In more than 40 varied missions, you must scan the locations, assess the hazardous situation, and coordinate your own squad. The scenarios include forest fire, aircraft fire or fires in residential and industrial buildings with different fire sources.

Firefighting Simulator – The Squad is now available for PlayStation®4, Playstation®5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and costs EUR 29.99/USD 29.99/GBP 24.99. A box version is planned in selected territories in 2023.

About Firefighting Simulator – The Squad

In exciting missions, the team members will proceed to action with authentic firefighter equipment and a selection of 5 officially licensed firefighting vehicles by Rosenbauer America – such as the TP3 Pumper® and the T-Rex® Articulating Platform - to extinguish fires and save people from the flames. While single players take control of their AI-controlled colleagues with the help of the intuitive command interface in order to give them instructions on how to proceed, in cooperative multiplayer mode up to four players can take action together as a team to prove their team spirit and skills in the field of firefighting. Thanks to the advanced fire simulation - including water, smoke, heat, backdrafts, flashovers, grease fires as well as a number of other causes of fire such as electronics, chemicals and explosions – the firefighter team have to calculate fire situations and dangers. Additionally, players can look forward to a complex physics system for the representation of destruction within dynamically spreading fire situations.


  • Multiplayer with up to 4 players
  • Authentic firefighter equipment by well-known manufacturers – e.g. Cairns®, MSA G1® SCBA, Leatherhead Tools® and HAIX®.
  • Officially licensed firefighting vehicles by Rosenbauer America
  • Comprehensive training which introduces players to the basics 
  • Realistic fire simulation & Advanced physics system 
  • PlayStation®5 version offers advanced DualSense™ Features, such as dynamic adaptive triggers or haptic feedback