The Holding Cells Update for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is now available!


The latest update introduces: 

  • Transport suspects to the precinct and transfer them to holding cells
  • Basic modding of character and vehicle skins
  • Players are now able to interact with and give reports, as well as tickets to arrested civilians
  • New setting for adjusting ELS sounds

The Holding Cells Update introduces a highly requested feature that allows you to transport handcuffed suspects in your very own vehicle to the nearest police station and transfer them to the holding cells. With the added modding support, you will also be able to modify the police uniform textures, as well as those of your police cars with the right tools! Not only that, you can also now interact with civilians after you have arrested them already and give out reports or tickets. The Holding Cells Update is now available on Steam™ with no additional cost for owners of the game. 

Watch the Trailer below to learn more: