Construction Simulator® 2 now also available on Google Play™ Pass!


Today, we are happy to announce that Construction Simulator® 2 for smartphones and tablets using Android is now available on Google Play™ Pass, so subscribers of the service can now add and download this popular installment of the Construction Simulator® game series for free within their Google Play™ library.

Construction Simulator® 2 on Google Play™ Pass:

Construction Simulator® 2 - Google Play™ Pass trailer on YouTube:

Starting as owners of a small construction company in the fictional US state Westside Plains, in Construction Simulator® 2 players get the opportunity to work their way up and to become the biggest real estate tycoon in the whole region. In order to achieve this goal, during the course of the game players get access to more than 40 originally licensed vehicles and construction machines by well-known brands.

In addition to the great variety of vehicles and machines there are more than 60 challenging contracts and missions waiting for the players, so they are able to excavate building pits, control gigantic cranes, pour concrete to their heart’s content, to tackle road refurbishment tasks and many more!

Next to this Construction Simulator® 2 offers a wide range of other exciting features: including a sophisticated economic system, the option to maintain vehicles, a huge and freely navigable game world, a day and night cycle, as well as numerous and varied building and transport missions that ensure almost endless fun!

The Google Play™ Pass is offering access to hundreds of awesome games and apps, completely free of ads and in-app purchases. All for one low monthly price. More detailed information is available under the following link: