Police Simulator: Patrol Officers - Multiplayer update will launch on August 26!

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers multiplayer mode

New 2-players coop mode

Do you sometimes feel lonely when playing Police Simulator: Patrol Officers? If yes, we have good news for you: On August 26, 2021, we will release the big multiplayer update Nightshift with Friends during the course of this year’s gamescom game show. From then on,  you will be able to go on patrol with a friend in a 2-player co-op mode, experience additional brand-new features and have each other's backs.

New legal violations: Graffiti sprayers and smoking exhaust pipes

You can also look forward to further legal violations: Not only are graffiti sprayers up to mischief on the streets of Brighton, smoking exhaust pipes on vehicles will also become a new problem that you should keep an eye on, if you want to maintain law and order in their neighborhoods.

Roam around your city at night: Nightshifts are coming!

For those of you who prefer the quiet of the night to go patrol, the newly introduced night shifts allow you to move their workday to the darker hours of Brighton. Of course, the Brighton PD will provide you with new equipment such as torches and warning flares to investigate further new offenses such as too-loud engines on vehicles or driving without lights after dark.

Try out the update in the open beta test phase!

As with every major update released for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers, you will be able to try out the Nightshift with Friends update in advance next week during an extensive beta test on Steam™, and thus contribute directly to its development and refinement, if you want to. The exact date for the start of the open beta test will be announced soon on the game’s official channels. A detailed overview of upcoming content can be found in the official Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Roadmap.