Bus Simulator 21 part of German charity gaming event Friendly Fire 7


Last weekend the Friendly Fire 7 charity gaming event raised an estimated fundraising total of over 1,8 Million Euros. We also participated and are incredibly proud to have supported the team of streamers with a special Bus Simulator 21 bus model. During the auction of the model more than 100 bids were placed and reached a final price of 4.000€.

The annual "Friendly Fire" charity event took place on Saturday, December 04. Gronkh, the PietSmiets, Pandorya and many other well-known German gaming and streaming celebrities met to collect donations for a good cause in a 12-hour live event. And of course, Bus Simulator 21 was also a part of it. During the livestream a special Friendly Fire skin for the PC version was presented, which is still available for free: https://friendlyfire.bussimulator.com

Furthermore, a unique and detailed bus model was created with the skin and signatures of the hosts. The public auction sale of the model brought in a donation of 4.000€.

It’s always a pleasure to see the powerful gaming community stand side by side for good cause. Many thanks to the whole team of Friendly Fire and all partners.