New brand Ebusco opens the Season Pass on May 16

  • Ebusco revealed as a new brand – trailer shows new electric buses
  • First DLC in Season Pass announced today 
  • Ebusco Bus Pack and Season Pass to be released at the same time as the big Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop update on May 16

Duesseldorf/Germany, May 09, 2023 – After publisher astragon Entertainment and developer stillalive studios recently announced the big Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop update for May 16, fans can now also look forward to a new brand. With Ebusco, three new electric buses and six new interior designs will find their way into the game. The Ebusco Bus Pack is the first DLC from the Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop - Season Pass.

The official Ebusco Bus Pack trailer is available here:

Ebusco expands fleet with three new buses

The Dutch bus manufacturer Ebusco allows you to expand the local transportation network of Angel Shores and Seaside Valley more sustainable with its zero-emission, all-electric buses. Three new buses are coming to the game including the Ebusco 2.2 - 12m, a 12-meter-long bus that can accommodate up to 90 passengers and is equipped with 2 axles and 3 doors, as well as the 18-meter-long articulated electric bus Ebusco 2.2 - 18m with space for up to 150 passengers 3 axles and 3 doors. Also available is the Ebusco 3.0. The 12-meter-long bus can carry up to 95 passengers and is equipped with 2 axles and 3 doors. In addition to the new electric buses, the Ebusco Bus Pack includes six new interiors.

Season Pass includes four upcoming DLCs

The Ebusco Bus Pack is the first DLC of the new Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop - Season Pass, which includes a total of four upcoming DLCs that expand the game experience of the simulation. The Ebusco Bus Pack will be followed by the Official School Bus Extension as well as the Thomas Built Buses® Bus Pack in the third quarter and the Official Tram Extension in the fourth quarter. With the Season Pass, bus fans will automatically get access to all upcoming paid DLCs as soon as they got released. More information on all DLCs will follow in the coming months.

On May 16, Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop - Ebusco Bus Pack, Season Pass, and the big Next Stop Update will be released. The update introduces numerous gameplay improvements and a brand-new game mode. Additionally, the Official Map Extension including numerous new orders, as well as dedicated versions for PS5™ and Xbox Series X|S will become available.

Meanwhile, with Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop - Gold Edition, new bus fans can look forward to the all-in-one package. The Gold Edition will also become available on May 16, both digitally and in stores, and includes not only Bus Simulator 21 but also all previously released paid DLCs for the game. Those who already own the main game can alternatively purchase the additional content bundled via the Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop - Gold Upgrade on the digital platforms.

On May 16, Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop - Ebusco Bus Pack will be released at a price of 8,99 EUR / 8,99 USD / 7,49 GBP (SRP). The Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop - Season Pass including all planned paid DLCs can be purchased as a bundle for the special price of 24,99 EUR / 24,99 USD / 19,99 GBP.

Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop will be available on May 16 for Steam, the Microsoft Store and the Epic Games Store at a price of 34.99 EUR (SRP) and for 49.99 EUR (SRP) for PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. An overview of selected offers including links to the digital stores can be found here:


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